The Intelligent
Self-Service Solution

Lower Staffing Cost

We’re the employee you don’t need to worry about. Never late, never quits, and will never need to be trained… all at a fraction of the cost (psst… check out our pricing). With one less employee to worry about, we give you the power to refocus on other areas of your business.

Quality Experience

When you combine gorgeous photos of your food, a full range of customization options, and perfect accuracy, exciting things happen. Use the Kiosk to provide stellar customer service during peak and non-peak hours.

Increase Revenue

Our self-service kiosks increase customer spending by 20 percent! By encouraging people to customize orders and include add-ons, ZYRL can help you drive higher check sizes than cashier orders.

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Next Steps

  • Personal onboarding to customize our Kiosk perfectly to your business.
  • On-site photoshoot to capture gorgeous photos of your menu items.
  • Free installation and staff training.
  • Ongoing personal support, training, and troubleshooting to ensure your success.

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